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Create an outdoor space you look forward to using. A garden that works for you; all year round, rain or shine. Our range is designed to make the most out of all outdoor spaces, from large family gardens to compact balconies. Whatever your space, it deserves to be celebrated. Our wide range of Outdoor and Garden products has everything you need to complete garden projects big and small. Whether you're creating a space to wine, dine and entertain in the summer with our outdoor living offering or you're undertaking a large landscaping project, you'll find everything you need to make your outdoor and garden project a success.

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When developing our outdoor and garden offering, we ensured that we considered all the potential developments our customers would look to make in their outdoor space. For customers seeking to use their outdoor area for social gatherings and a place to relax, we made sure our range would comprise of quality garden furniture sets and garden seating to suit gardens of all shapes and sizes. In addition, we made sure we also have on offer a wide range of barbecues and gazebos to help create the perfect summer party and a wide range of camping gear to improve your outdoor adventures. Need some help getting your large garden items home? Our van hire service is quick and convenient, and you can collect and drop off the van from your local B&Q store car park.

Be prepared for the summer heatwaves and use our watering hoses to keep your lawn and plants cool and well-nourished so that they don’t lose their colour and keeps your gardens aesthetic. Create a perimeter surrounding your back garden using our fencing options to allow for your beloved children and animals to roam freely, or benefit from the extra privacy gained by pouring yourself some bubbly and enjoy an evening soak in one of our hot tubs. And once the winter comes and you need somewhere to store your garden furniture, as well as garden power tools and garden play apparatuses, our sheds and garden storage solutions will keep your belongings safe until the warm weather comes around again. Looking to give your plants a refresh? Our range of plant pots, planters and hanging baskets are ideal for housing your growing blooms and add a decorative element to your garden. We also have a wide range of terracotta plant pots to choose from, which look great in most garden styles.

Outdoor, Garden & Patio | Gardens | DIY at B&Q (2024)
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