Adjectives Beginning with B (2024)

Adjectives Starting "B"

Here is a list of 200 adjectives that start with the letter B. You can use this list to help you find the exact word you're looking for in terms of its meaning or its length.

Table of Contents

  • Positive Adjectives Beginning with "B"
  • Negative Adjectives Beginning with "B"
  • The Full List (Sortable, Audible, Editable, and Printable)
  • Why Do I Need This List?
  • Learn with Hangman!

Positive Adjectives Beginning with "B"

  • Benevolent: Kind-hearted and inclined to do good.
    Example: The benevolent old man donated a large sum of money to the charity.
  • Brilliant: Exceptionally intelligent or talented.
    Example: Lisa's brilliant mind allowed her to solve complex problems with ease.
  • Brave: Courageous and fearless in the face of danger.
    Example: The brave firefighter rushed into the burning building to save lives.
  • Bubbly: Energetic, lively, and cheerful.
    Example: Janet's bubbly personality always brings joy to those around her.
  • Balanced: Having a well-rounded and harmonious nature.
    Example: Ashley's balanced approach to work and life ensures his overall well-being.
  • Bold: Fearless and willing to take risks.
    Example: The bold entrepreneur started her own business with great determination.
  • Bright: Intelligent, quick-witted, or radiant.
    Example: James is a bright student who excels in all of his subjects.
  • Beautiful: Pleasing to the senses, visually appealing.
    Example: The bride looked absolutely beautiful in her white wedding gown.
  • Blissful: Full of joy, happiness, and contentment.
    Example: The couple spent a blissful day together, enjoying each other's company.
  • Beloved: Deeply loved and cherished.
    Example: Grandma was the beloved matriarch of the family, adored by everyone.

Negative Adjectives Beginning with "B"

  • Boastful: Bragging or excessively proud of one's achievements or abilities.
    Example: Ashley's boastful nature made it difficult for others to appreciate his accomplishments.
  • Bigoted: Intolerant or prejudiced against people of different races, religions, or beliefs.
    Example: Janet's bigoted remarks revealed her narrow-mindedness and lack of acceptance.
  • Backstabbing: Engaging in deceitful or treacherous behavior towards someone who trusts you.
    Example: Emily's backstabbing actions led to the downfall of her former colleague.
  • Brash: Unrestrained and tactless in speech or behavior.
    Example: Jonathan's brash comments offended those around him and created unnecessary conflict.
  • Brutal: Cruel, harsh, and lacking compassion or mercy.
    Example: Janet's brutal criticism left her subordinates demoralized and discouraged.
  • Bossy: Overly controlling and domineering, constantly giving orders to others.
    Example: Emily's bossy nature made it difficult for her teammates to express their ideas or opinions.
  • Bitter: Resentful or full of anger and hostility.
    Example: Jonathan's bitter attitude towards his former partner prevented him from moving on.
  • Blunt: Insensitive or abrupt in speech, often lacking tact or consideration for others' feelings.
    Example: Ashley's blunt comments hurt others because he did not consider their emotions.
  • Bad-tempered: Easily irritable or prone to anger, often displaying a negative disposition.
    Example: Janet's bad-tempered nature made it challenging for others to approach her with concerns.

The Full List (Sortable, Audible, Editable, and Printable)

This list of 200 adjectives is sortable, audible, editable, and printable. It can be displayed as normal text or in columns (up to 4). (All the words in this list have the same spellings in American English and British English, so the language buttons are inactive.)

Adjectives Beginning with B (1)Adjectives Beginning with B (2)

babbling, baby, background, backhanded, bacterial, bad, bad-tempered, baffled, baffling, bald, balding, baleful, balmy, bandaged, banging, bankable, banned, bantering, barbaric, barbarous, barbecued, barefooted, barking, barren, bashful, basic, battered, batty, bawling, beady, beaming, bearable, beautiful, beckoning, bedazzled, bedazzling, beefy, beeping, befitting, befuddled, beginning, belching, believable, bellicose, belligerent, bellowing, bendable, beneficial, benevolent, benign, bent, berserk, best, betrayed, better, better-off, bewildered, bewildering, bewitched, bewitching, biased, biblical, big, bigger, biggest, big-headed, bighearted, bigoted, bilingual, billable, billowy, binary, binding, bio active, biodegradable, biographical, bite-sized, biting, bitter, bizarre, black, black-and-blue, blameless, bland, blank, blaring, blasphemous, blatant, blazing, bleached, bleak, bleary, bleary-eyed, blessed, blind, blindfolded, blinding, blissful, blistering, bloated, blonde, blood-curdling, bloodied, blood-red, bloodthirsty, bloody, blooming, blossoming, blue, bluish, blundering, blunt, blurred, blurry, blushing, boastful, boiling, boisterous, bold, bone-crushing, bookish, booming, boorish, bordering, bored, boring, born, bossy, both, bothered, bouncing, bouncy, boundless, bountiful, boyish, braided, brainless, brainy, brash, brassy, brave, brawny, brazen, breakable, breathable, breathless, breathtaking, breezy, brick, brief, bright, bright-eyed, bright-red, brilliant, briny, brisk, bristly, brittle, broad, broken, broken-hearted, bronchial, bronze, bronzed, brooding, brown, bruised, brunette, brutal, brutish, bubbly, budget, built-in, bulky, bumbling, bumpy, bungling, buoyant, bureaucratic, burly, burnable, burning, bushy, busiest, business, bustling, busy, buzzing

Why Do I Need This List?

A list of adjectives that start with the same letter is useful for creating alliteration. Alliteration is a stylistic literary technique in which nearby words repeat the same initial consonant sound.

  • Sven was a bone-crushing bloodthirsty berserker.
  • ("Amateur" is a noun in this example.)

Learn with Hangman!

Hangman is a classic word game. In this version, the hidden word is always an adjective from this list. Choose your first letter to start. (I'd go for "b" if I were you.)

  • Guess the hidden adjective by choosing one letter at a time.
  • If you guess a letter in the hidden adjective, then all is good.
  • If you guess a letter that is not in the hidden adjective, then the hangman starts to build the gallows.
  • If the gallows are completed, you lose.
  • Good luck!

Adjectives Beginning with B (3)

Create Your Own Version of This Game

Here is the word library for this game:

Adjectives Beginning with B (4)

This page was written by Craig Shrives.

Adjectives Beginning with B (2024)


What are positive words that start with B? ›

Bite-Sized Positive Words That Start With B
brave (adj.)having courage in potentially fearful situations
breezy (adj.)easygoing; light-hearted
bright (adj.)shining and full of light
bubbly (adj.)someone with a lively personality
20 more rows
Jul 20, 2021

What are positive adjectives that start with B? ›

bodacious, beautiful, bright, bonny, big-hearted, brave, believable, bubbly, brilliant, becoming, benevolent, belle, broad-minded, blessed, brainy, bedazzling, becalming, brighter, brightest, bellisima, bonita, blameless, battle-tested, beneficent, better, beguiling, ballsy, beatific.

What is a cool word that starts with b? ›

List of Cool Words that Start with B

What are 100 words that start with the letter B? ›

Words Starting with B
  • Bug.
  • Bat.
  • Ball.
  • Bus.
  • Bun.
  • Bin.
  • Boon.
  • Bliss.

What are loving words with B? ›

Romantic words beginning with “B” include “Beloved,” “Bliss,” “Breathtaking,” “Beau,” and “Bond.” These words hold the power to convey deep affection, happiness, and the strong connection that defines romantic relationships.

What are positive adverbs with B? ›

List of 20 Positive Adverbs That Start With B

What is a word for happy with B? ›

  • blessed.
  • blissful.
  • blithe.
  • content.
  • contented.
  • convivial.
  • gratified.
  • peaceful.

What are 5 simple words from b? ›

List Of 'B'-Letter Words For Kids
1 more row
Jun 28, 2022

What are the 50 words that start with the letter B with meaning? ›

Full list of words from this list:
  • baffle. be a mystery or bewildering to. ...
  • baleful. deadly or sinister. ...
  • balk. refuse to proceed or comply. ...
  • ballad. a narrative song with a recurrent refrain. ...
  • ban. prohibit especially by law or social pressure. ...
  • banal. repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse. ...
  • bane. ...
  • banish.

What are some lists of B words? ›

Here's a list of popular words that start with B:
  • Baby.
  • Back.
  • Bacon.
  • Bad.
  • Badminton.
  • Bag.
  • Bake.
  • Balance.
Jun 5, 2023

What is a 7 letter word starting with b? ›

7 letter words that start with B
  • babassu.
  • babbitt.
  • babbled.
  • babbler.
  • babbles.
  • babesia.
  • babiche.
  • baboons.

What is a word for amazing starting with b? ›

Brilliant, bountiful, breathtaking and of course, best. Positive words beginning with the letter B are yours for the taking this week.

What are inspiring verbs that start with B? ›

Some of the most used positive & impactful verbs that start with the letter B include blossom, boost, believe, brighten, benefit, befriend, bolster, breathe, build, and beam.

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